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The Kabbalah is the mystical and esoteric explanation of the Torah. It teaches the unfolding of the worlds, the various ways of guidance of these worlds, the role of man in the creation, the will of the Creator and more. No other writings explain in detail; the creation of this world and the ones above it, the lights or energies that influence its guidance, nor the final goal of everything. These writings are based on ancient Jewish texts and mostly on the Zohar.

The Kabbalah teaches us that the world is guided by an extremely complex system of forces or lights, which through their interactions provoke chain reactions that impact directly on man and the worlds. Each one of these reactions has numerous ramifications, with many details and results. It explains to us the true guidance of the world, so that we may understand the will of G-od. How and why He created the world, in what way He governs it, the provenance of the souls and angels, the purpose of the existence of evil, the reasons for the dualism of reward and punishment, etc.

The word Kabbalah comes from the verb Lekabel (to receive), but to receive it is first necessary to want, and to become aKeli (recipient) able to receive and contain this knowledge. The Kabbalah also demonstrates to us the importance of man, because only he, by getting closer to the Creator, can influence these incredible forces. For this, one has to elevate to a higher dimension of understanding, and start asking himself some very important questions like; “Why”, “What is the purpose of doing this act or this prayer”, “What are the outcomes of my actions” etc.

The other writings explain in the least details “how” to do, but only the Zohar and the Kabbalah explain to us the exact reasons, and effects of all our prayers and actions.

I believe that most yearn to serve at their best the Creator, but have been accustomed to execute and not seek further, or were kept away from this knowledge. It is now the time to know and learn this magnificent science, as it is written and recommended:

"From there, you shall seek the Lord your G-od, and you shall find him if you seek him with all your heart, and with all your soul.” (Devarim 4,29)


What is the Real Kabbalah

Rav Afilalo explains what is the real Kabbalah.

In a few words I’d like to explain what is Kabbalah. Today we hear a lot
of things about Kabbalah,

it is becoming a trend, a fashion but what is exactly the real, authentic Kabbalah …….

Kabbalah Concepts

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Negative Force

There is a “second” authority called Sitra A’hra – negative force or “evil”. Even though it is the opposite of everything good, it is important to understand that the origin of “evil” is from an emanation of the superior lights, and thus, it does not really have a complete independent authority. It nourishes itself from
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288 Sparks

To sustain the recipients after they broke, 288 sparks of the lights came down as well, because a connection to their original lights was needed to keep them alive. Some of these sparks reunited with their higher lights, and helped the recipients rise and also reunite with their lights, while others fell even lower into
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A world is a possibility and a type of existence in a particular dimension. From the first configuration; Adam Kadmon (Primordial man), emerged the emanations that made the other worlds. There are four worlds. The first to unfold from Adam Kadmon is called Atsilut, the world of emanation, where there is no existence of the
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Kavanah – Concentration

To reach a more active role in the unification of the different configurations, one needs to understand and concentrate when praying. There are different levels of Kavanah – concentration. The basic Kavanah is to understand the words, and concentrate on the intention of the blessing or the prayer. The higher level is to meditate on
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This ray of His direct light called “Kav” emerged from Ein Sof (Infinite) and entered on one side of the vacant space, where there was still an imprint of the original light. The Kav, which represents the masculine and the imprint, the feminine, will now together give existence to the worlds and the various systems
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In the beginning, there was no existence except His presence; the Creator was alone, occupying all space with His light. His light, without end, borders or limit, filled everything. He was not bestowing His influence because there was no one to receive it. When He willed to create; He started to influence. His light being

Kabbalah FAQ

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Why is God called Ein Sof in the Kabbalah

“Ein Sof” is the Name of G-od that is the most used in the Kabbalah. His light is perfect, and cannot be measured by any definition or limiting terms. If we think about definitions, we introduce a notion of limit, or absence of its opposite. Being ourselves distinct separate beings, we cannot grasp the concept
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Why has the study of Kabbalah been discouraged by some

All the rabbinical authorities have always agreed on the ultimate importance and truthfulness of the Kabbalah, they just did not agree on the way this knowledge should be disseminated. Some insisted that only a very selective group should be allowed to learn Kabbalah, and only after attaining a high level of purity and comprehension of
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Is it not forbidden to study the Kabbalah before the age of forty

This decree was canceled about 450 years ago, as it was confirmed and written by Rav Avraham Azulay : “What was decreed from above; not to study the Kabbalah openly, was for a limited time only, until the end of the year 5260 . From there and after, it was allowed, and from the year
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What are the good and bad impulse in man

The Yetser Hatov corresponds to the good or positive impulse in man, the Yetser Hara’ is his bad or negative impulse. The good deeds of man have an effect on the four higher worlds, his bad deeds; on the four lower worlds. It is only when man sins, that the negative side can grow in
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What is a Tikun

In Hebrew, the word “Tikun” has different meanings. It can be understood as reparation or rectification, and also as function, relation or action. There are different types of Tikunim: – Tikunim that took place in the first emanations to repair the worlds. – Tikunim for the construction and inter-relations of the Sephirot and Partsufim (configurations).
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Why should I learn the Kabbalah

Firstly, to understand what is expected of me, how I can better accomplish His commandments, the purpose of my prayers and actions. Secondly, to get closer to my creator by learning His ways, and understanding the different emanations of His lights and powers in this world, and the others. Thirdly, to “connect” with G-od, by