Can non-Jews study the Kabbalah

Non-Jews that are attracted by the Kabbalah could get an “intellectual” insight of its concepts and a feeling of well-being by its values, but have no direct participation in its realization, since they do not observe its intricate relations with the commandments of the Torah and the prayers.

For example; when praying three times a day, we participate in the unification of particular lights or energies for the guidance of the world, by observing the Shabbat this participation is enhanced, and our rituals correspond to very particular actions that are reflected on these energies. About all of the other prayers, rituals or commandments of the Torah are also in direct relation with these lights or energies that are in charge of the guidance, and the manifestation of G-od’s presence. A non-Jew will study this intellectually but will not act on it.

This is the reason why throughout the history, all the main and important Kabbalists were very meticulous in observing all the commandments of the Torah in their least details.