Sunday, 01 March 2020 / Published in Kabbalah FAQ

The word Kabbalah comes from the verb Lekabel (to receive), but to receive it is first necessary to be prepared, and to be a Keli (recipient) able to receive and contain this knowledge.

A Kabbalist is a person who is accepted to receive this knowledge, and is able to hold it by living in the path of Torah and rightness to strengthen himself constantly. He is a spiritual person who will give utmost importance to the higher meaning of things, and continually try to advance in his learning. For him, the main goal of this existence is to get closer to the Creator and serve him to the best of his possibilitie

Sunday, 01 March 2020 / Published in Kabbalah FAQ

Firstly, to understand what is expected of me, how I can better accomplish His commandments, the purpose of my prayers and actions.

Secondly, to get closer to my creator by learning His ways, and understanding the different emanations of His lights and powers in this world, and the others.

Thirdly, to “connect” with G-od, by deepening my understanding of His presence and manifestation in this existence, to have a fuller spiritual life and find meaning to our lives.

Through the knowledge of Kabbalah, one can get to a level of true understanding, and in a way “decode” the profound secrets of this existence as found in our holy Torah.

Sunday, 01 March 2020 / Published in Kabbalah FAQ

In the Kabbalah we learn how and why G-od created the world, in what way He governs it, the provenance of the souls and angels, the purpose of the existence of evil, the systems that are put in place for the true guidance of the worlds, and more.

The Kabbalah teaches the unfolding of the worlds, the various powers of influence on these worlds, the role of man in the creation, the will of the Creator and so on. It explains in details; the creation of the present and previous worlds, the different lights or energies that make their guidance, the final goal of man and the creation.

The Kabbalah explains often allegorically, the beginning of creation as well as all the dynamic systems that are put in place to interact with man, and for the guidance of the worlds. These systems make us understand the purpose of our actions, their interactions with the superior realms, the hidden messages and meanings in the Torah. With a deeper understanding of the reasons and goals of all these actions, one could definitely ascend to a higher level of service and closeness to his Creator.

In the Kabbalah, one can find all these answers and the exact reasons, and effects of all our rituals, prayers and actions. When one decides that he wants to know his Creator, in learning this science he ascends to a higher level of action and superior understanding and thus live and feel a more intense relation with his Creator. He will also realize his smallness compared to these incredible forces, the perfection of the Lord and His infinite love for His creatures.